Friday, 2 October 2009

Where have WinterKids disappeared to (part two)?


It's been a crazy few months which climaxed in our myspace page going down for about a week.

Any ways, it's back now, and so are we...under the new name of 'Flight Of Kites'.

See, here's the new logo -

Why the name change?

I mentioned in the last blog that there are a few exciting things on the horizan for the band including a new tv show (more on this below), as well as a partnership with Oasis (the girls clothing store) plus new songs and a new club night called the ice cream club So, everything feels new, and therefore, a name change for us, is the right thing to do.

Having said all of this, we are still the same line up, we aren't scrapping our old songs and WinterKids is very much part of our history.

New Songs

They're written and we can't wait to share them with you....they just haven't been recorded yet! They will be, soon...

Little House TV

We are the house band in a new TV show called 'Little House TV'. The show airs at 6pm every sunday (starting this sunday) on Freewire Channel 106. For more info on Freewire, click here

Little House also happens to be our actual house!

If you don't have Freewire, we will be airing clips from the show on Youtube every this space!

Brad and I on the set of Little House TV -

This will be the last blog from this address ( ....all new posts will be posted from

I'll post something about our new club night in the next couple of days

Meanwhile, have a great weekend


Friday, 17 July 2009

Where have WinterKids disappeared to?

Well, we are still alive.

The first half of 2009 has been spent writing and planning and planning and writing. And then writing some more.

The writing has been going very well - so much so, that we are currently in the studio recording some of our...writing.

As far as the planning, well, thats also gone pretty well. We've managed to somehow scheme together the launch of a new 'T4' style TV show called 'Little House TV'. Our show starts in October and more news is to follow....!

In fact, we'll be launching a new website, new songs, new blogs, new live dates, a new logo and a new TV show very watch this space!

Hope all is well


Sunday, 11 January 2009

WinterKids @ The Lexington...FREE GIFT!!!

Hello and Happy New Year!

2009 should be interesting for WinterKids with news of a new TV show, a new album and new haircuts.

We kick the year off with a show at 'The Lexington' in London.


a) The first 100 people who enter the venue doors will become the proud owners
of an exclusive limited edition WinterKids 7" Vinyl!

b) Want Cheap Tickets?

EVERYONE who accepts this facebook event invite -


Sends us a simple myspace message / email to stating their name(s)...

Will be placed upon the 'cheap ticket guest list' and therefore be granted access into the venue for just £4!!!


- WinterKids @ The Lexington

- Thursday 22nd January, doors 8pm, stage time 9pm

- 96 - 98 Pentonville Road, London

- Nearest Tubes are Angel & Kings Cross

- Free Limited Edition Vinyl for first 100 who enter

- To be placed on the cheap ticket guest list (£4) just accept this event invite.

Look forward to seeing you on the 22nd



Thursday, 25 December 2008

WinterKids Chrismukkah Message

Merry Christmas and happy Chunukkah!

Ok, some of you don't mind reading massive chunks of writing. Others probably can't stand it.

I'm about to write alot, so as its Chrismukkah, throughout this blog are some 'Chrismukkah presents', ie - I have uploaded some music that (apart from the last track) before this day has never been played or heard in public. Each song will have a story behind it.


2008 has been a year of development for WinterKids. For much of the year we have locked ourselves away in ‘Little House’ (the name of our rehearsal space in Peaslake) writing music.

There has been the occasional trip to Germany and Switzerland where we have played some exciting shows to amazing fans and shared some interesting experiences - one that springs to mind is climbing to the top of a Swiss mountain in a cable car just after playing a gig…we befriended a goat who happened to live at the peak of the mountain...

...but for the most part we have been creating, writing, recording, listening back, scrapping, re-writing, experimenting and re-recording music.

We have developed as musicians and developed as people.

Earlier this year we revealed that the release of a new EP would be on the horizon. Due to changes behind the scenes on the management front, the EP (for now) will not be released....HOWEVER, the management issues have been resolved and 2009 will be a big year...

Here is the first piece of music. This is a track that was written earlier this year and was going to feature on the unreleased EP. It is called 'Forget About The Future'. Hope you like...


The TV Show

With the news of new management, has come a unique and fun opportunity for the band - we are currently working with the TV producer who was behind Live & Kicking (our favourite programme as children), developing a new TV show. The show has a similar format to TFI Friday, Big Breakfast and Later with Jools Holland.

It will be shot in our rehearsal studio 'Little House' and there will be a live studio audience every week with celebrity guests, art and fashion slots as well as some hilarious sketches by our comedian friend Jay Foreman.

We actually live in Little House and of course will write all the music for the show as well as being the 'house band'....similar to that of '4 Poofs and the Piano'....but in a slightly straighter way!

As soon as this is aired, we will let you know. Meanwhile, if you'd like to be a member of the studio audience, please email us here - or send us a message.

Ok, time for another piece of music. This was written by Hannah and was originally going to be put on our first album 'Memoirs'. We didn't have time to master it in the end, so this is an un mastered, un mixed version. It is called 'Lavender Hill' -

The New Album

The new album has been written.

Now all we have to do is work out how to pay for it to be recorded....

We have been contacted by some top top producers who have all had top ten albums expressing a big interest in producing the new album, however, the one thing holding us back at the moment is lack of funds.

The first album was funded through our club night 'Indie-GOGO', however, due to time constraints, this club night no longer exists so the plan for album number two will have to be slightly different.

Do we approach labels? Do we approach investors? Or do we think of something else inventive to be able to fund the record ourselves?

This is something we'll be working out with our new management in the new year.

Meanwhile, with the new TV show as well as the hard work put into WinterKids to date, we are hopefully in a good position to pursue any of the above avenues!

Song number three is a track taken from our first album Memoirs, so some of you may have heard it, others won't of. The track was written about a meeting that never took place between an old girlfriend of mine. It is called 'Somebody Elses Clothes'.


Once we we plan out our year release wise, we shall be back on the road again.

Meanwhile, we will be showcasing songs from the new album in a number of low key gigs at the start of the year.

Here are the details for the first show of the year -

- The Lexington in London
- 22nd January, 8pm
- Nearest tube is Angel
- Tickets - To be placed on the cheap ticket list, please myspace message your name(s), or email us here -


Next year, we plan on changing the format of the blog so that it comes to you on a monthly basis. We tried weekly, but it is really tricky to keep ahead of the game. So there will be one regular monthly update as well as other random blogs of we fancy posting something.

Finally, a big thank you for listening to our music, going to our shows and reading our blogs.

We can't wait to share the new album with you and we wish you all the best for the new year!

Time to squeeze in some turkey sandwiches


Friday, 5 December 2008

Gig at the British Library


We have a very last minute gig that we are playing on the 7th ..this Sunday)! It's a very unusual gig - we have been asked to play at the British Library to celebrate 60 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations!  

There will be stalls, fun workshops, bands and other interesting and unique acts performing on stage - including The Zimmers!!. (The restaurant will also be offering a traditional Sunday Roast from 12:00, yummy!)

The event is free and all ages are welcome. It will be running from 1-5pm. We hope to see you there!

Click on the link below to see more info.



Exciting news is WinterKids will be involved in a new TV programme next year.  The show will have a live audience, so we'll keep you posted on that, meanwhile, heres an opportunity for any budding TV hosts -
The producer is currently looking for a male and female host to front the show.  They must be between (or at least look between) the ages of 18-28.  If you are interested, or if you know any one who might be interested in applying, please email through your contact details / CV or whatever you'd like to send with a photo to - we shall then forward these over to the producer.  The show will be filmed in Surrey, so ideally we are looking for someone based in the south.
Have a good day:)

Hannah x 

Friday, 21 November 2008

Toms Banjo

Hiya Folks

Tom received a phone call last week from BBC Radio Berkshire.

The DJs were looking for a banjo player for a segment in their show. Tom gives banjo lessons, so they obviously found Toms contact details in an advert somewhere and gave him a call to see if he would participate in the show.

Tom was more than happy to...

We thought the conversation was quite funny, so we created this video type thing -

Hope you like!

Meanwhile, for those of you who live in London, we shall be playing at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen this Sunday 23rd November.

We'll be on stage from 9pm.

If you'd like to be on the cheap ticket list (£4 instead of £7), please write a message to us with your full name and the names of your friends.

Here is the flyer for the show -

Hope to see you on Sunday




Friday, 14 November 2008

New Songs

We have added 'Another Break' and 'Knock Down All The Houses' to our myspace player. Hope you like..

Meanwhile, more gigs added and other shows in Europe to follow soon

Have a good weekend